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Последний выпуск №3 (126) 2019
“Последний выпуск №3 (126) 2019”
ISSN 2224 – 5561

Central Asian Economic Review (CAER)

The journal founder is Narxoz University, which is the leading higher education establishment in the field of market economy and conducting a research in the areas of economics, management, marketing, business and the basics of entrepreneurship, financial, loan and tax regulation, accounting and audit, international economic relations, state control of the economy and others.

Central Asian Economic Review (CAER) ISSN 2224 – 5561 is an international academic journal published by Narxoz University since 1996. This website is an Internet version of periodical series of Central Asian Economic Review, which is published six times within a year.

The academic journal Central Asian Economic Review is for those professors, researchers, teachers, Ph.D. students and all, who are interested in the state and achievements of Central Asian applied economic science. Research could be devoted to the problems of stabilization of transition economies, financial sectors, the development of social sphere, innovations, higher education management, environmental issues, as well as marketing research.